27 May 2011


So it's Friday night, I'm sitting alone because my plans got canceled, and I'm writing a blog post. Here's a picture of a giraffe.

Anyways, I was just going to say school is almost out, which means very shortly, we will no longer have this blog. It'll probs remain up, but if not, you can go to our personal blogs! Each one of us has one, so here ya go:


I think they're all great. Especially mine. Just kidding, it's just a blog. So GO! Read us being entertaining! Mostly the others, not me, I just rant! Give this page and our own personal blogs more views! We like views! Gracias!

- EJE, the one whose blog url and title are in Estonian

24 May 2011

EJE's probs last post

It took me so long to get on here, I forgot what I was going to talk about. All I know now is that I am leaving Google Chrome forever. It wouldn't let me log out of my own email on blogger, so I was just sitting there, pressing the log out button for like 5 minutes straight. My face resembled this:

I'm not even kidding. Now, imagine that hippo yelling obscenities. That was what I looked like.

So, yeah. Blog post. I actually had something to post about. Finals, possibly? I haven't been able to eat with my friends for the past 4 days because I've been so busy. AVP and ezine are stealing my lunch time away. But that's not what I came on here to talk about. What I AM going to talk about is our podcast.

Our podcast/video shall be up tomorrow after school! Unfortunately, I've had some issues with it. I finished editing it today during forum (editing is not so great, I didn't have a lot of time), but then there were compression issues and our school computers suck... so basically I can't upload it until tomorrow night. But if you want something to look forward to, go watch some Ke$ha music videos! Here are the ones featured in our video (just little snippets)(unfortunately it doesn't let me upload nice fancy copyrighted videos, so clickity on the linkitys)(what would this look like if it were multiplied out?):

1) Your Love Is My Drug

2) Tik Tok

3) Stephen

4) We R Who We R

5) Blow

Also, if anyone understands the shirt, I love you. Don't you just LOVE the Muppets? I do. LOVE. SHIRT THAT IS COOL.

- EJE who is too hyper. PS get us 4000 views before the school year ends, please. Thanks.

23 May 2011

'Irishness' -- so a thing

So Obama is in Europe for a bit touring for... whatever reason, while Netanyahu stays and talks to Congress. (Funny, thought surely he would be leaving after all that... guess not. Never to early to campaign in a foreign country!)

Anyway, he stopped in Ireland today. While what's trending on the BBC right now regarding the visit isn't really political, I kind of like these sorts of stories, ones like Obama visiting a little tiny Irish town and making lots of people very happy at once with his amusing quotes.
Hello Dublin! Hello Ireland! My name is Barack Obama of the Moneygall Obamas, and I've come home to find the apostrophe that we lost somewhere along the way. 
Anyway, mostly, though, I love the BBC's infographics.

Irishness. Irishness is a thing. Because the BBC said so.

Britishly yours,
Yes, "Britishly" is a word,

22 May 2011


So a while back, I renamed my iPod so I could see this. Thinking it was just an urban legand that it actually said "Syncing '(insert ipod name here)'" I found it useless, as mine always just said "Syncing iPod".

Until tonight.

- EJE, who is easily amused

20 May 2011


I feel really bad for this poor puppy.

Also, I have a public service announcement for you: Mucinex DM has the side effects of dizziness and confusion. Do not take it before you go to school or work or any sort of thing like that unless you know it doesn't affect you. That stuff is reeeeeeeally strong.


Hipsters kinda have good music.

I feel weird for admitting this. But I came across the Yellow Bird Project (www.yellowbirdproject.com/), where they reminded me of lots of indie bands that I like. But you know what? I think they're ALL hipsters. So here are a few hipsterish* songs that I like:

5) Skinny Love - Bon Iver
I first found out about them on an article about hipsters. I think they qualify.

4) All to All - Broken Social Scene
I originally got this song for free when my aunt got Starbucks. 

3) The Con - Tegan and Sara
They're not super hipsterish, in fact, they're kinda well known, but I still lo-o-o-ove this song. 

2) Truth - Alexander
This song was free on iTunes, so I bought it. It made me happy. Kinda makes makes me feel old westernish.

1) Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
This has made its way into popular... everything now, but the guy is a hippie, so you know what? He's a freaking hipster. 

Your hipster EJE

*Disclaimer: A lot of these are somewhat popular.